about us

Flowering Business is made by Flowering ApS, a Danish flower concept for the benefit of both the customer and the environment. Flowering offers two different products, both with the same purpose:

To reduce the consumption of CO2-emitting materials.

The name "Flowering" expresses our vision: The flowering of a CO2-free Denmark. Our vision is a Denmark without floral waste and reduced emission of CO2. Artin Hodanloo is the man behind Flowering Denmark, and despite his young age he has already managed to put his imprint on the Danish flower scene. In collaboration with his fantastic team, Artin has developed the first flower concept in Denmark to prevent waste of flowers, Flowering ApS. The core of our business is to create exclusive flower creations of selective surplus flowers. We manage this by our unique sense of style and design. Flowering combines design with morals.

Made by who?

Our first product, is unique bouquets bundled with surplus flowers. Our professional purchasers save up to 60% by buying fresh flowers from surplus stocks, and the result is colorful unique bouquets for the benefit of the environment.

Secondly, we offer 100% Danish bouquets bundled exclusivly from locally produced flowers. These bouquets are seasonal and will vary as a result of Denmark's four different seasons.

By choosing Flowering, the customer can enjoy the art of flowers without leaving a negative impact on the planet. 

What do we offer?

What about

Flowering Business?

Flowering Business is made to ensure your business the best experience. On our website, you will be able to order whatever request you might have. No matter if you would like a new fresh sustainable flower bouquet every week for your lobby, or a hundred flower arrangements for one evening, fill in the form and let us contact you.

Fresh out of the market

Just because we fight against floral waste, we still guarantee some of the industry's most fresh flowers. To ensure your business a good experience, you will have a minimum of 7 days freshness guarantee. If your arrangement does not meet your expectations during the first 7 days, you will receive a new one at our expense. OBS: This does not count when using "flowering single event".

"Flowering Single Event"

These flowers are from surplus stocks located at the local green pastures in Denmark. Our agreement with Danish gardening Bruno Gross ensures that we get some of the market's best and most fresh flowers from surplus stocks. As a consequence of our sustainable alternative, we get new and varying flowers every day, after which our professional team of flower decorators makes your unique flower arrangement. We save 30-70% on our purchases and the same applies to you.